Difference Between a Blog and a Website

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What is a Website?

A website can be any collection of webpages with multiple types of content that can be found on the internet. The content added on the websites may be texts, images, videos, or any type of other illustrative information.

The information presented on a website isn’t as frequently updated as that of a blog. However, they are updated whenever necessary after a while from the website administration.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type or a part of a website where contents about particular topics are presented. These content may be referred to as “blog posts” or “blog articles” and are shown in the order from newest to oldest. The blog posts are frequently updated whether by editing the existing ones or by simply creating new ones.

The blog content or the blog post may contain any type of information. It can be news, articles, tips, tutorials, lists, collections and so on.


Why do People Start a Blog?

    • Business:

Blogs can be useful for providing additional details of the products and services like tutorials and comparison posts with competitors. Sometimes, it might be inappropriate to display them on homepages or any other pages of the website. The details about sales and major discounts on your website can also be well-elaborated with the help of the blogs.

    • SEO:

Blogs can help with SEO to rank your blogs which will help the website to rank too. They are frequently updated, keyword-oriented, and contain internal and external links which are very important for SEO. The external links can further help in bringing more backlinks to the website as well.

    • News and Information

There are many blogs that provide valuable information and news about various things. Adding news to a blog will also help the website to be frequently updated. This can grow the audience’s reach as more and more users would start getting engaged with the blog.

    • Connect with Visitors

You can connect with a large portion of your website visitors. Once they read your blog, they can share them on social media if they like it. Similarly, if they want to learn more, they can even ask about the blog posts by contacting through emails or comments.

    • Entertainment Purposes

One of the growing uses of the internet has been for entertainment and it’s been the same with blogs too. Whether it’s about celebrities, movies, humor, games, music, or even art, blogs can also be used efficiently. This can be a really good start for a blog, as it is a human nature to love or need entertainment.

    • Personal Use or Hobby

Some blogs are just used for personal use or as a hobby. Most people who have a keen interest in writing do tend to start a blog to write about their personal thoughts. This was also one of the major reasons why blogs started becoming popular at an early age.

Infact, depending on the purpose, there are many types of blogs as well. Some of the most popular types are fashion, food, personal, lifestyle, travel and technology. But, people do start a blog on whichever topic they wish or want to share their knowledge to the world with.


Why do People Start a Website?

Although the reasons to start a website are quite similar, there are some differences on how they impact the audience. Some of the popular reasons websites are created are:

    • Business:

As established earlier, websites are great for businesses. As a matter of fact, websites have come this far because they are good for business. A business website can be created for anything, from small agencies to large corporations to online stores. They can provide vital information about the products and services provided by the business on the website itself.

    • Digital Marketing:

Websites have been a good source for digital marketing for years. How can’t they not be! With conventional marketing techniques, your services might be limited to just a certain area. But with the help of websites, it can be grown outside from international boundaries and reach around the world very quickly and efficiently.

    • Professional and Social Networking:

There are far too many networking websites nowadays that can help you connect to people professionally as well as socially. Some of them include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  Furthermore, you can even build your own portfolio website or use job vacancy websites which can be very helpful for your professional career.

    • News and Information:

Similar to blogs, websites are also created for giving news and information. People are relying on them day by day to get the latest news and information about any subject matter around the world. So, it is very logical to start a news, informative, or a knowledge-based website nowadays.

    • Online Communities and Forum:

People can really learn or gain a lot from online communities and forum websites. They can meet new people as well as discuss various informative topics. These websites can also be beneficial for professional knowledge.

    • Entertainment and Multimedia:

People mostly use websites for entertainment and multimedia more than anything on the internet. Even one of the first landing pages was based on entertainment purposes. So, there is no harm in making a website for it. Many websites like Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Netflix are used for this purpose and some are quite informative too.

Cost of Starting a Blog vs Website

While considering the cost of creating a blog vs a website, there might be some difference as well. Since most of the blogging platforms can be used as website builders too, the cost can be determined on it. The cost can vary on the blogging platform or the website builder that you choose.

But, depending on the website, it is most likely that you will have to spend a bit more while creating a website. A website might need some additional charges for more services like speed and storage. However, this can only be the case if you are considering the same tool to create a blog as well as a website.

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