Tips to find a suitable domain name for your business:

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Tips to find a suitable domain name for your business:

Let’s take an example, Suppose your business is about recruitment agency and you are specialized in providing digital media jobs with the digital agencies nearby and companies looking for digital services to fulfil the job openings in their companies. We did some research and considered using or as the domain name.

We will use the domain availability checker tool to find if our business name is available for us to register. If it is available we can register the domain name and suppose it is not available with “.com” or “.net” domain extension, please consider following tips to come up with an alternate name.

a) Consider using keyword related to your business 

Keywords in domain name help in search engine optimization (SEO) as it naturally shows up in search results related to your business.

b) The domain name should be easy to remember

Keep your domain name shorter as possible and avoid punctuation like dashes and underscores. In case you need to consider using one use with the dash instead of underscore. “For e.g., if you want but its not available, you can consider”

c) Try to add the location in the domain name if possible 

If you want you can consider adding your location/city name within the domain name. “For e.g., if you are in New York city then you consider”


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